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Romanian Kennel Club Press Release

Bucharest, 27th of February 2022

Russia's aggression towards the Ukraine is completely unacceptable and are actions the Romanian Kennel Club (RKC) strongly condemns. Due to the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine, we ask that planned international dog events in Russia not be carried out. We strongly encourage to find alternative venues. RKC will not send any representatives to dog events held in Russia, as the situation is today. The RKC also urges Romanian judges not to judge events in Russia.
We are waiting a strong and efficient action of FCI about this situation and concrete action for helping Ukrainian dog breeders/owners.
The Ukrainian people has our deepest sympathies in these trying times. They are enduring great hardships and sufferings in the fight for their country’s freedom and democracy.
We also feel sympathy for our Russian friends, whose lives are governed by a political leadership that puts their country and people in such a degrading and destructive situation.

Romanian Kennel Club
Board of Directors




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